Steel structure houses made by Unic Rotarex® technology


Steel houses by Unic Rotarex® technology New lightweight steel structure house technology revolutionizes classic masonry house construction and improves timber framing house technology. Steel houses with galvanized steel structures, designed and produced in the factory in a very simple and efficient modular system. Unic Rotarex® steel houses reduce the price by a minimum of 25% and the construction time by less than 50% compared to traditional constructions. We design and manufacture and we intermediate the assembly of light steel structures made of galvanized steel. We develop steel house technologies, adapted to the most difficult thermal, seismic, and humidity conditions.
The steel house structures produced by us are CE marked and audited by TÜV SÜD München.
By buying steel houses from us, you benefit from free and complete online advice, both during the design period and during construction. Unic Rotarex® steel homes, a simple, fast, and economical technology.


Steel houses’ price is the most sought after by those who are interested. However, you have to understand that in order for us to make a price quotation we have to refer to a certain construction.
The prices refer to the design, production, and assembling of the steel structure.

Request a customized offer

When you have an architectural project or a clear sketch of what you want to build, send a request and you will receive the price estimate by email, as soon as possible. It is possible that we contact you for details, so that we can draw up the most accurate offer.


The steel houses construction technology developed by Unic Rotarex® is based on many years of experience, and hundreds of houses built.
In our country, all seasons are extreme. The house must be equally protected from cold, heat, humidity, wind, or earthquakes.

We designed inexpensive wall sections using site-specific prefabricated materials. Below are technical sections with increased thermal, sound, and fire resistance. If your architect consults with us, and you respect the project, you can get a considerable price reduction.

Fire resistance in Unic Rotarex® steel structure houses is achieved by cladding with fire-resistant plasterboard panels. The solution with Knauf boards with 30, 45, 60, 90, 120, and 180-minute resistance. Fire Resistance
Izolatie acustica Acoustic resistance in walls can be improved in several ways:
  • Soundproofing wool in the wall and plastering with Knauf plasterboard (see details)
  • Cork plating on interior walls
  • Two parallel walls that do not touch and do not transmit vibration. Recommended only between the master bedroom and the children’s room, between duplex houses, or hotel rooms.
Acoustic resistance in floors can be improved by using soundproofing panels instead of extruded polystyrene between the screed and OSB. Acoustic Resistance
Seismic resistance is easily solved due to the reduced weight of these constructions compared to conventional ones. An earthquake is a horizontal acceleration of the earth’s crust, which, when multiplied by the much lower mass of our construction, successfully withstands earthquakes of high and very high intensity. Seismic Test Conducted by Unic Rotarex® at Gheorghe Asachi University, Iasi Scientific Paper on the Resistance of Unic Rotarex® Steel Structures to Seismic Activity

The resistance to wind of Unic Rotarex® constructions of up to 150 kilometers per hour is achieved under standardized cost conditions.
We can design for higher wind intensities because the elasticity of the structure puts our constructions at an advantage in the battle against the wind.

Coroziune albaCorrosion resistance is achieved by using galvanized steel.
Anticorrosive protection must last for the standardized lifespan of 98 years, according to the law.
Galvanizing is recognized as the best solution for anticorrosive protection for houses with metal structures.
We use steel with zinc coating levels between 150-275 grams per square meter, depending on the location and construction conditions.
It’s important to store the structure according to the instructions provided by us between delivery and assembly.
However, if you notice such spots (white rust), there is no need to worry yet, as galvanization has the great property of self-healing.
The assembled structure will dry quickly, and such spots may only appear due to improper storage.



The design of the steel structures is done only by specialist engineers approved by Unic Rotarex®. We can intermediate the MLPAT verification.


Production is made out on a production line composed of last-generation CNC machines. All our products are CE-marked.


The assembling consists of the pre-assembling of the structural elements, which happens in the factory, and the assembling on-site, done by our collaborating teams.


We can arrange the transport, you make the order and payment.


After buying an Unic Rotarex® steel home, you benefit from free consultancy, by phone and by other media, during the assembling and during the other construction phases.


  • ISO 9001 – quality management translated into concrete working procedures.
  • CE marking – factory production control according to SE1090-1.2, materialized in work instructions.
  • Declaration of performance – is the document that certifies the performance of the product.
  • Quality certificate – the document that certifies the quality of manufactured products.
  • Warranty certificate – the document that certifies the warranty of the purchased products.

Our portfolio includes several hundred steel homes. You can see more on the website.

ABOUT US website is Unic Rotarex® property. It has been published to present in a simple and easy-to-read form for our customers. Specialized information only on galvanized steel house structures.
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